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  • Activate Ideas

    You have ideas that need action and impact you want to make. Your impact depends on your ability to harness and sequence ideas and collaborate with others. Read More

  • Leverage Talents

    Finding entrepreneurial success requires that you know your talents and how to engage them for maximum influence, without depleting your source energy. Read More

  • Catalyze Change

    You deal with change daily. You decide how to move forward in the new marketplace. Your vision becomes reality when you embrace and navigate change. Read More

Motivity® moves ideas to action.

Motivity guides you and your team through transition . . . to refresh and apply your talents to fit today’s marketplace.

Motivity helps you to catalyze, navigate and embrace change, enabling you and your team to get what you want in ways that are unique to you and your culture.

With Motivity, you learn current strategies and skills to build on your team’s success, expand into new markets, connect through customer communities, and find new revenue streams to move your business forward.

Don't wait for change to happen to you. Catalyze it! Whether you have a big idea, are launching a new business, reviving your entrepreneurial passion for an established business, stepping into a new leadership role, or planning for significant growth, we work with you on moving from where you are today into your future vision. Change leadership and transition strategies are our specialty.

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Motivity presents a new way to define and catalyze change . . . to re-orient and up-skill your change know-how.

The workplace is changing and none of us can rely solely on roles, skills and experiences from the old way of doing things. Do you have the change know-how to move through the fluid business landscape today and succeed? On average, each of us spends 70% or more of our time at work, and with the changes happening, many leaders and individual contributors are finding it tough to know which way to move or how to stay out of overwhelm. Motivity helps you to get unstuck, add to your change leadership skill set, and make sure you know how to move to continuously create work that is correct for you. We help you catalyze change in your way!

For experienced and returning professionals, Motivity pinpoints the skills, experiences and personal presence you’ll need to move forward and transition in your current role at work, or to return back into work full- or part-time. It’s easier than you think! Motivity helps you design a clear path forward unique to you, aligned with your purposes and skills that match marketplace needs.

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How We Can Help You

  • Motivity Expands You and Your Business

    "My Motivity coach provided insight, innovative thinking, experience and support to me as I focused on honing and growing my business . . ."

    — Carolyn Maue, Business Owner and Executive Coach
  • Motivity Catalyzes Change

    "Pamela led a community of business owners with a gracefully assertive process that challenged us to push through from concept to result . . . I am still experiencing the momentum generated from my involvement with Motivity."

    — Tom Rosenak, CEO and Entrepreneur
  • Motivity Guides You Through Transitions

    "Pamela is an insightful, probing and talented transition coach. Her forthcoming book, ‘Power with Grace’, is the culmination of her own workplace experiences and her extensive coaching work in which she supports transition."

    — Vicky Grinnell-Wright, Partner, Eight Plates Consulting
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