Motivity helps you realize your potential.

“When I began working with Pamela I was desperately unhappy in my job and knew that I needed a change as I approached the second half of my career. Having grown up in the male-dominated world of technology, I was ready to use the same masculine strength to move to what was next. Pamela taught me to recognize the strength of my feminine power. Before my work with Pamela, I was like a swimmer struggling against a riptide, exhausted and in a position of weakness. Now I’m a surfer, accepting the universal flow of power that is out of my control but available for my strength and pleasure, if I make myself one with the wave. The work has been difficult, but so rewarding. I’m happy and successful in the same company that made me so miserable a year ago. I’ve gotten a salary increase and a new position. And in a month I’m launching my own business with my current employer as my first client. Thank you, Pamela.”

– Theresa, Technology Executive

“Pamela led a community of business owners with a gracefully assertive process that challenged us to push through from concept to result. Pamela is a brilliant strategist, skilled coach, and passionate leader. I am still experiencing the momentum generated from my involvement with Motivity. I recommend you jump at an opportunity to work with Pamela Fischer!”

– Tom Rosenak, CEO, DiamondMind Enterprises

Motivity guides you to grow your business.

“My Motivity coach provided insight, innovative thinking, experience and support to me as I focused on honing and growing my business. Pamela Fischer’s input into the structure and delivery of my six-figure consulting business contributed to my success by clarifying my strengths and focusing on my marketing, resulting in 40 – 60% gross revenue increases over prior years. She is a talented, trustworthy, knowledgeable and gifted expert in her field”

— Carolyn Maue, Executive Coach and Consultant, The Maue Center

“Pamela is an insightful, probing and talented transition coach. Her forthcoming book, ‘Power with Grace’, is the culmination of her own workplace experiences and her extensive coaching work in which she supports transition and personal development. Her approaches to personal purpose work and her advocacy for standing firmly in personal power (vs pure positional) have been formative in my own journey.”

— Vicky Grinnell-Wright, Partner, Eight Plates Consulting, Ltd.

Motivity helps you shift your perspective.

“After being in business for more than 15 years, the marketplace has changed. I knew I needed to change with it, but didn’t know how.The weekly Move it! webinars and coaching calls offered insights into myself and ways of doing business that were paradigm shifting. I was able to move my project forward by leaps and benefitted greatly by the power of the “group.” The leaders are forward thinking, up on the latest trends and offer unique expertise and perspective that is invaluable. They are role models of doing business in the “sweet spot” way. If you are ready to do business in a new way, I highly recommend the Move It! collaborative.”

— Diane Kubal, CEO, Fulcrum Network

“I was feeling left behind in business — overwhelmed about the changes occurring in my industry, and not knowing what to do about it. Move It! Collaborative helped me see the forest AND the trees — it’s definitely opened new pathways and changed the way I think. My experience has been truly paradigm shifting.”

– Don. W., Entrepreneur, Michigan

Motivity helps you to get unstuck.

“The Move It! Collaborative class was a powerful catalyst for me to move out of a “stuck” position professionally. I was able to see my old school ways in the light of the realities of the new world models. I have a new identity, website and customer — and others in the pipeline. I could NOT have accomplished this without the terrific teaching, coaching and encouragement of the Move It! Collaborative.”

— Jim H., CEO, Private Venture Capital Group

“Motivity helped me to get through a really difficult midlife career transition after being laid off. Motivity helped me get “unstuck” by providing actions that I could take to explore different career directions, and the support to help me identify what I wanted to do next. Though I was in the driver’s seat, Motivity provided the map to help me chart a new course.”

Michele, Senior Manager, Santa Fe

Motivity helps you to expand as a leader.

“Pamela is a wonderful coach and trainer.  I was promoted into a much higher management position than I had ever worked in, without any training or guidance.  Pamela helped me navigate this transition and focus on both my growth areas and on expanding my strengths.  Pamela has a gift of seeing the big picture and working in a more conceptual and higher level mode, and then the ability to narrow into the pragmatic and practical details of getting things done.  She moves facilely between the two.  She also is very perceptive and clear- getting a sense of your essence as a person and leader, then helping you guide yourself to your fullest potential.  She also shared with me practical tools to use in my business and with challenging team issues, helping me to navigate those waters with grace and power.   She really cares about her clients and is invested in their success.”

— JP, President and CEO of a major state-wide non-profit

“Working with Motivity has helped me see myself with an objective eye and be at peace with what I perceive. This has enabled me to be more confident in my communication, both in my career and my personal relationships. My light bulb is now shining much brighter, and for that I will always appreciate my work with Motivity.”

Jack, Financial Manager, Santa Fe

Motivity helps you evolve your skills.

“Sole owners of businesses often find themselves in difficult situations requiring them to make adjustments in themselves. Motivity has helped me identify those and, more importantly, helped me structure the way those changes happen. And that pushes me forward to meet my goals.”

— Mary Lou, Entrepreneur and CPA, Chicago

Motivity helps you move your team.

“Pamela is an exceptional planning and facilitation consultant.  When we were launching a major new initiative for our non-profit corporation, Pamela worked with me and my staff to create a work plan and a list of roles and responsibilities.  Using the “Stellar Nursery” technique, we were able to get very clear and specific tasks assigned to a multi person team, while improving our communication and team work.  At the end of the year, without really realizing it, we had completed every item on-time and in accordance with how we had planned.”

JP, President and CEO of a major state-wide non-profit