Why savvy entrepreneurial leaders are like clownfish

Why is it beneficial to adapt the ways of a clownfish? Because when business “shark tank” methods are overused in an entrepreneurial environment, it breeds addiction, fear and negative power.

Today, negative power kills inspiration, employee productivity, teamwork, and stifles innovation. Workers can’t contribute their best. Motivity guides you in creating environments like those found in a sea anemone where clownfish and their hosts have a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship. And it doesn’t mean challenge and conflict don’t exist. We help teams to understand that “toxins are nutrients” and how to use or filter them effectively for the benefit of the team and its customers.

This is one example of how we use models from the natural world and metaphors for initiating change. Why? True behavior change happens in the unconscious and for that to be successful, we imprint new ideas and practices through the imagination, with specific “how-to’s” to implement.

As an entrepreneurial leader today, we can teach you new techniques and tools for keeping your teams responsive and responsible to business strategies and customer requirements. And you’ll do it through a collaborative environment rather than a shark tank.

Where would a culture shift improve your competitive edge?