Welcome to Work Smart

Motivity’s regular Work Smart posts are designed to provide you with the “best of” tools, skills, and leadership concepts from what we refer to as the “old school” of business, as well as, current, emerging, creative “new school” ones, as well. Today, work is changing and being reshaped by technology, global networks, diversity, and an expanding consciousness that stirs a deep knowing that we all need to consider the whole—whole person,work community and planet.

With that whole in mind, we’ll organize these tools from our own expertise of guiding people on how to navigate and embrace change and we’ll include tools from many other sources we’ve encountered in our work. We’ll group these tools into three general categories:

  • Practical – basics to help you to be successful at work on your own, collaborating with others, or leading a team. We hope these tools will serve you regardless of your title, status, or experience.
  • Vibrational – tools for understanding how you create influence and impact, which extends beyond what you’ve learned to communicate verbally. Motivity expands into the realms of neuroscience, human behavior/psychology, nature, science, and Eastern energy practices to bring you traditional and current concepts to enhance your non-verbal, as well as, verbal influence.
  • Universal – concepts and tools for making a difference in your home, community and the world. We are all connected and being conscious of our global family and how we serve others is a priority for many of us today.

If you have a request due to a recurring theme or challenge at work, please comment and we’ll post a tool to help.

Finding Time Is A Challenge

Have you ever been kept waiting? Have you left others wondering if you were going to show? Today, more than ever, with constantly changing expectations for work deadlines, processing information, and linking with others to get things done, finding enough time is a challenge, even with our technology supporting us with better-than-ever productivity tools. So, […]

How To Get More Out of Your Job

These are six human requirements for productive activity at work. Check yourself on these, and if you lead others, check to see if they are set-up to be productive and satisfied: Adequate Elbow-Room for Decision-Making: Employees, regardless of their experience and generational conditioning, want to influence their own work and know what is “in bounds” […]