Change leaders know how to move forward using power with grace

Like nature’s example of power with grace, Delicate Arch, at Motivity, we consider graceful power as essential for leaders moving their teams through transition. Power and control have been the operative ways to lead in business for decades. Entrepreneurial workplaces require a shift; a delicate balance between driving linear thinking, competitive practices and employee achievement with embracing non-linear, creative approaches and team fulfillment.

That balance can also mean leaders move between using power consciously and opening to grace. Using power intentionally and making hard decisions can be an act of compassion when something isn’t working or team members need to be reassigned. Grace reveals itself through exact expressions of vulnerability, patience, and humility toward the combination of hard work from your team and the fortuitous events that have brought you to where you are today.

One is not better than the other. Both are needed to lead change. Leaders dynamically moving between power and grace; modeling change as living creation energy stand out in business today. We can help you see where you naturally blend graceful power and where you can apply more.

Where would you like to hone your leadership impact using power with grace?