Leverage Talents

Leading yourself or others through key work transitions requires strategic use of talent. Finding your own entrepreneurial success requires that you know your talents and how to leverage them for maximum influence, without depleting your Source energy. It also means you know how to identify and spell out your organization’s talent requirements and match people to those team tasks and requirements. Leveraging talent builds momentum behind your business growth and makes it real. Learn how your own talents inspire others to join your team.

“Talent” means and is used to include: innate abilities; speciality and technical skills; knowledge and experiences; processing strengths, purposes and motivations, and physical power, grace, energy, and chemistry—all part of and necessary for driving change. Your mind, body and spirit are the vessels for generating your living creation energy, which are at the core of your talents and ability to lead change. Knowing what these are and how to use them will set you apart as a change leader today.

How you think, feel, intuit, relate, lead, and take action requires intention to leverage talent into impact; energy into influence. You distinguish yourself in the way you speak, present yourself, and move the people and projects you lead. You attract what you want for yourself and your business. You move forward on your personal path, while developing your team, and serving your customers.

Ideally, as an entrepreneur today, you serve the business and it serves you. As a result, you and your business serve the whole. As part of our local and extended communities, each of us is called to serve, receive, and replenish. It starts with contributing through your distinct talents. Then you help the members of your team to identify and expand their talents to accelerate performance and create value.

At Motivity, we expand you into more of your own capabilities through our core philosophy that all leaders need to know how to integrate power with grace. If you’re used to a more power-driven approach to change, we’ll show you how to access your graceful creation energy. And if you tend toward a more dynamic creation energy in your work and leadership style, we’ll guide you on how to adapt positive power tools and structures that are correct for you and won’t squelch your creative genius! One is not better than the other—dynamically moving between power and grace; embracing living creation energy are essential for standing out in business today. You need both to lead change. You need to show-up fully.

We can assist you in identifying your talents and those of your team and focusing you on how to leverage those talents for the benefit of your business and your market. The Motivity Process includes a talent assessment tool and analytics to identify talent requirements for business critical positions, and to identify areas of strength and non-strength used to coach those team members transitioning into new roles and responsibilities.