Activate Ideas

Catalyzing change begins with an idea, thought, experience, or feeling that wakes you up to more of your potential. You want your work, your business, and your life to be different. You have ideas that need action and impact you want to make. Your impact depends on your ability to harness, language and sequence ideas, whether a revolutionary vision or a simple solution. Identifying the right people to work with and ways to collaborate are key. Big ideas land with the right intent, timing and team!

It is our philosophy that ideas that succeed are those linked to your purposeful intent, connected to what your customers know or don’t know they want, and suited to evolving or revolutionizing current industry practices or cultural trends. Your ideas, your momentum, and your action equal real value. Adding value creates impact.

That impact creates results and revenues. And revenues are abundance created for all who participate in the process of activating ideas to serve a market and the greater good.

So, whether you have a big idea, are launching a new business, expanding your entrepreneurial endeavors, or taking a new career path, our proprietary moveIt!℠ Collaborative training process or Idea Incubator guides you to find your motivity–the path forward to move ideas into action; impact into results; products into profits.

And while we are all capable of creating ideas on our own, those that take off are developed in relationships with others. We guide you through the process of collaborating in “live nurseries” or “ business incubators” to assist you in testing your service ideas and generating revenue, additional clients, or a new career position in the process. With our proprietary ideation process, we can save you time, resources, and money while experimenting with new ideas for the new economy.

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