We partner with our clients in several ways to identify each individual’s or organization’s motivity forward for success. Think of it as your distinct “sweet spot” or optimal direction for making things happen to realize your vision and objectives.

First, at Motivity, we get clear about our intentions and whether we have purposes, resources, and talents to support the client in succeeding with the transition a leader faces personally, and for the business. Leaders hire people, not companies, so we need to be sure the chemistry is right between our team and yours to make a difference and create the impact, value, and outcomes visioned.

Secondly, we explore to understand if dynamic change is possible and if the leaders and team would respond to our approach. Even though we tailor our methods to you personally as a leader, and your company culture, together we look at your readiness to make the choices necessary to move forward dynamically. And finally, because catalyzing change happens faster than traditional methods, we want to be sure each client, and her or his organization, are ready to move forward at pace.

We Offer Four Types of Service Packages or Engagements:

  1. Custom Business and Change Leadership Consulting and Coaching
  2. Moveit! Collaborative On-Site and Web Classrooms for Team Building, Training & Coaching
  3. Moveit! Public and Custom Incubators to Develop New Business Ideas
  4. Free Skills on our Web-site for Change Leadership Skills

Custom Business and Change Leadership Consulting and Coaching

Engagements range from 3 – 6 months; most clients hire us for at least three engagements to move from vision to change. We use a hybrid approach that combines consulting, coaching, mentoring, facilitating, and musing. Here are examples of client focus areas:

  • On-Board to New Leadership Role at A New Company
  • Transition to A New Entrepreneurial Position
  • Expand to Take Your Business To A New Level
  • Navigate Business Transitions from Founder-Led to New Leadership Team
  • Sculpt Your Executive Presence – Optimize Energy, Influence & Impact; Refine Communication Style and Content
  • Build Change Leadership Capabilities and Collaboration
  • Launch a New Business, Initiative or Service Offering
  • Vision for Business or Career Expansion
  • Clarifying the “Want” and Outlining the “How”
  • Filter Opportunities and Develop a Sequence to Move Forward
  • Change Culture to Support New Business Strategy or Growth


Moveit! Collaborative Group Consulting, Training & Coaching for group experiences, team building & training that gives your team new tools to move decision-making into high gear; move teams to greater productivity, accountability and flow; and, move mindsets from “old school” to “new school,” combining the best of both schools for practical innovation:

  • On-Site Team Building and Visioning Sessions To Catalyze Change
  • On-Line Video-based Training Sessions (Public and Custom) to Train Teams in Change Skills
  • Weekly IMPRINT (Just-As-Needed) Public Group Coaching Sessions
  • On-Site Custom Group Training & Coaching Sessions
  • Talent Management Structures for Small Businesses, Performance Accountability, Change Skills, and Metric Structures for Measuring Change

We model our solutions by finding the “sweet spot” way to work with you and your team; we collaborate to design the best solution and measure the results.

  • talent assessments
  • team design
  • reality-based skill training for change
  • action-based coaching and consulting
  • performance-management structures and measures

We set the stage by modeling best practices designed for your company culture and strategy; then we roll up our sleeves and do it with you and your team in reality-based training where we work on a project or issue together to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Moveit! Custom Incubator to moves your ideas into action to experiment and develop a service or business idea.

Move It! is an online or on-site live, iterative, idea development and business creation coaching platform that helps entrepreneurs transform their energy capital into market capital.

So many successful people have great ideas, breakthroughs product or service models for their industry, or a yearning to try their hand at entrepreneurship. Yet, launching a new business or service can be exhilarating and a daunting task for most leaders who are new to entrepreneurship.

The risks are high, as research shows that 80% of new businesses don’t survive past the first three years. And for established companies launching new products or services, development can be costly, messy and expensive without a dedicated R&D group, so Motivity has a live incubator and training service designed to put you front and center with business and industry experts, customers, and creative advisors.

You and your team also receive critical skill training for taking ideas and services out with “rapid prototyping” or design methods as part of the process.

The benefit is you know quickly what it will take to bring the idea, product, or vision forward and you know what resources are required before you invest time and money to venture into the risks of entrepreneurship. Before you pour money into something, you can also learn if your customers want what you think they want! Most successful, large companies do this today, and charge you the customer to be part of their “beta” or new product “experiment.” As a small business owner, you can do it, too!

Organizational Partner, Advisor & Modern Muse

Motivity’s Founder and CEO, Pamela Fischer, partners closely with a select number of leaders each year to serve as a thinking partner, advisor, change catalyst, and modern business muse, to inspire innovation and creative thinking. This is a highly customized engagement where Pamela draws on her own experience and inspires a leader to initiate a creative initiative or new product development, or more personally, guides with up-dating his or her personal presentation, script-development for key presentations, or helping a leader make industry or other business connections that can be beneficial.

When and if appropriate, Pamela invites other CEOs with experience in the client’s area of expansion to advise on business-specific opportunities such as venture capital funding, business valuation and preparing for a business sale or merger.

Motivational Speaker & Author

Pamela Fischer, is currently working on a book titled, Motivity: Leading Change Through Power with Grace, which will be published in late 2014.
She is available for speaking opportunities on the following topics:

Topic: The Changing Face of Women in Leadership

Topic: Bridging the Gap Between Leadership Past and Future

Topic: Talent Management for the Future