Living Creation Energy

Motivity’s New Definition of Change for a New Workplace

At Motivity, we define change as living creation energy. And that energy is not flat. It is multi-dimensional and dynamically moving, expanding and contracting, all the time. And yes, through that movement, people, places and things take new shapes and become different in that moment, though not because we will it or think it to be. It is because we learn to flow with that movement.

Traditionally the noun “change” has been defined as the act or instance of becoming something different. Using the word as a verb it means “to alter the shape of” or “make different.” It almost sounds like an intellectual idea. Something we can “make” or “will” to happen through our minds.

Although the definition is somewhat static, we all understand that life is dynamic; just as we learned in school studying the metamorphosis of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Change is a multi-dimensional sequence, an organic reality of nature, and a dynamic aspect of who we are. It is a chemical, natural process not subject to control. We can, however, anticipate it, optimize it, and choose how we move with it.

As Founder of Motivity, Pamela Fischer chose to attend to a change that was staring her in the face when after nearly thirty years’ working in business as a change consultant, reading list after list of reasons why people resist change she decided she was ready for a new perspective and a new approach. Actually, she didn’t just decide—she knew it was her own purposes to bring forth a new dimensional approach to change that moves us forward. Why? Because today, change is not necessarily moving us in directions personally, nor collectively, that serve the common good. We can do better.

Will you join us in leading the cultural shift?