Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is coaching? What is this about?

A: At Motivity, we define coaching is a multi-faceted consultation–part assessment, discussion, visioning, and action planning to guide you on making your best decisions to move you forward in your work, or to take your business to the next level. A skilled coach facilitates you to move beyond your limitations to take action and create outcomes that are correct for you and your company. Strategies, tools, experience, examples, research, resources, inspiration, challenge, and fun are all part of the coaching experience. In Motivity’s approach, no process is the same for any client. We do not believe in step-by-step methods. Our flavor is organic, fluid, practical and outcome-driven.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Generally, people find a coach through a referral from a friend or colleague. Interview the coach and determine if you have the right chemistry and fit for working together. At Motivity, we provide a free one-hour Discovery Call to help us assess the fit and for you to do the same. In that hour we outline a service tailored to your needs and within your budget.

Q: How much does it cost? How can I afford it?

A: Before you look at the expense, consider what it is costing you not to have a coach. You may be losing thousands of dollars in compensation or business revenues. You may have spent many dollars in medical expenses to deal with health concerns related to stress, or you may have hired experts to guide you in business and you didn’t get the results you expected. In addition, your talents and those of your team may be underutilized and you are losing dollars through lost opportunity costs. At Motivity, individual coaching packages begin at $1,200.00. Custom engagements for business leadership and employee teams are typically priced on a fixed fee basis, though some organizations prefer a monthly retainer arrangement. Public group coaching sessions are held monthly, on a first come, first served basis for $25.00 a person. More in-depth group training and business incubator offerings are delivered throughout the year, or can be tailored for an in-house session at your company. We offer a community crowd-sourced free skills, tips and techniques on our website at, so check with us often to learn more.

Q: How long does it take? How are sessions conducted?

A: As few as one engagement over three months to three engagement over a 12 to 18 month period of time. It depends on the work strategy you want to create for yourself, your team or your business. Change is different for everyone, so we tailor our services to your needs. Sessions are conducted in person at our offices; on site with your team or at your business; by telephone or using SKYPE, ADOBE CONNECT, or Google Hangouts.

Q: Is it similar to therapy?

A: Only in that we listen to what you say and don’t say; we build a respectful, collaborative relationship, and we have what is best for you in the forefront at all times. If your situation requires psychological assistance, financial or legal counseling, or specific business advice, we will help you to understand the nature of the help you need and direct you to the appropriate resources.

Q: What can you expect from us?

A: Expect Motivity to be fully prepared for and present for you at your appointments, whether by telephone, in person, or via SKYPE. Expect a process and tools designed to fit your situation. Expect synthesis of your situation and the options you have. Expect specific feedback on changes you need to make. We ask the questions. We help you get clear. We facilitate your vision. We help you develop a roadmap. We guide you to make decisions and take action in a sequence that is correct for you on a professional and personal level. We look at you as a whole person and relevant facets of your life. Outside of the scheduled sessions, you have access to your Motivity coach by email for quick questions and problem-solving. Some clients ask us to do research on a particular topic, review documents or prepare written scripts for important meetings or conversations.

Our coaching environment is set-up to mimic a sea anemone, or mutual host environment, in nature. At Motivity, we like to practice what we teach leaders about today’s diverse workforce and marketplace, “If it’s a shark tank, we don’t swim in it.” That means we create a nurturing space for change and designing what is needed for you and your organization. Nurturing, however, doesn’t mean no challenge or conflict. We catalyze change, so sometimes, we’ll present you with options or challenge closed-off thinking or options. Remember, challenge energy is nutritious and designed to move you through obstacles, so if it feels a bit “prickly,” don’t hold back; talk it through with your coach. The nutrients work both ways!

Q: What do we need from you to move you forward?

A: Keep your coaching appointments. Do the work assigned. And if you can’t or don’t find the flow, bring that information to your appointment. Taking no action is data for us to process. Commit time to follow through on actions we agree that you need to complete and that do flow for you. Keep open to change and to input on what you need to do, personally and professionally, to get what you want. And, be responsible and accountable to yourself for your outcomes.

Q: What are the results? Any deliverables?

A: Change is inevitable. Forward movement is not. If you want to make change work for you and see results sooner, then hire a coach. Many people talk about what they want, but then don’t make it happen. Results you can expect are: clarity, ideas on which you can take action tomorrow, decisions made, projects completed, relationships improved, self-confidence built or expanded, more money in the bank, skills developed, and a vision for where you are going. At Motivity, we provide session recordings, written summaries (may require additional fees charged), action plans, document reviews and edits, visioning storyboards, written tools and actionable outlines as part of our services and as requested by clients.

Q: Is my information kept confidential?

A: Yes, at Motivity, we have a high sense of integrity and keep all client information confidential. Our Motivity engagement letter includes confidentiality provisions and Motivity’s CEO will sign your company’s (NDA) Non-Disclosure Agreement at your request.

Q: How will I know if I am ready?

A: If your “pain,” “frustration,” or “overwhelm” is at a high level, you are ready. If you are juggling many options and are feeling overwhelmed, you need a facilitator and you are ready. If you have tried a number of things on your own to get “unstuck” and you are still “stuck,” you are ready. If you are moving along, but not sure what is next for you and want to anticipate your next move, you are ready.