Characterizing the Motivity Way . . .

You are unique and we tailor our approach to you,
your work and business, moving you forward
with healthy, respectful challenge and encouragement.

We work with you to experiment and validate, 
learn fast from failures, or what doesn’t flow,
 iterate and evolve, using living creation energy.

We blend head and heart, intellect and instinct to
create optimal flow for you and your team using
change sequencing with proprietary tools and
processes to get you moving forward dynamically.

We use a touchstone approach we call IDEAL, that gives you a way of building transition points from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Your Core:

When we work with individual leaders, we start with your core. Just like in any sport, a skilled performer needs an athletic stance to maintain equilibrium so he or she is not pulled off base. In business, we need the same in a fast changing environment. We connect who you are to what you do, so that you lead from the inside out.

Your Energy Dimensions:

When working with business leaders and independent entrepreneurs “whole” means exploring three energy dimensions and how you function in each separately and moving between them. First, we explore how you move in time and space, or more practical aspects of your leadership; secondly, vibrational energy or how you connect your uniqueness to market needs and how you relate to yourself and others; and finally, how you integrate what you experience as universal energy.

All of this is set in a context of how you serve the greater good by contributing through your purposes. It is what sets you apart. It is what draws the people, projects, ideas, and creative energy you need to create change. Using all three dimensions well gives you powerful influence and high impact. You are well on your way to being a change catalyst!

Your IDEAL Creation Sequence:

We have a five-element creation template for your IDEAL sequence. It serves as a touchstone to guide you through your transition cycle to see where you are currently, and the path forward to where you want to be. It is not a rigid tool, as you may move out of sequence by choice. You’ll understand the implications of that choice and adjust accordingly.

We’ll guide you on how to craft your path forward. This outer circle is the “doing” of change leadership and what most people often think is the most important thing to work on first; however, if the CORE work and Energy Dimensions are not understood, then the IDEAL path forward does not unfold and flow naturally, stalling or impeding movement.

You are your own change master now as you understand how every intention, action and completion matters. Learn how you personally move with change and what that takes. How you live, lead, relate, and make your way in the world, requires your distinct mix of living creation energy. When you give yourself permission to be all of who you are, you give others around you the same. That energy blends graceful power to create correct results for you and your team.

Traditionally, moving ourselves and others through change creates major resistance and it comes from non-dynamic approaches where step-by-step methods, repetition and continuous stability are viewed as essential and instability as suspicious, imperfect and something to avoid.

In science today, instabilities are increasingly understood to be basic to the order of things in nature, from the forming of galaxies to human behavior and cognition. In Motivity’s approach to all of our engagements, nature is our model and inspiration through its capacity to mix and change, moving from stability to instability, starts to completions, and expansions to contractions.

Every engagement we seek infuses us with living creation energy. We work with clients that help us expand as we help you expand.