Motivity is a coaching and consulting company that facilitates and equips leaders to catalyze and lead change.

Founded in 1995, Motivity’s transition strategists helps business leaders to anticipate, navigate and harness change in ways that lead to better results. Motivity uses best practices and leading-edge science, as well as, innovative and intuitive methods, designed for your unique culture, to create workshops, transition plans and actionable strategies to move entrepreneurs, individuals and teams forward.


Pamela Fischer

Founder and CEO

Here is Pamela’s Story in Her Own Words:

I believe in the power and necessity of change. It is the touchstone of my work as a consultant to entrepreneurs and leaders. I coach business leaders on how to approach change with grace and ease. Let’s face it, change is the one constant in life, how we handle change is the variable that can lead to success or failure. I help clients discover their ideal path forward, turning their visions into reality, so revenues streams can flow. It requires moving out of ineffective “old school” practices and testing “new school” strategies so leaders can inspire others from their entrepreneurial “sweet spot”.

Many businesses are in flux today, so leaders try to transition from a transition, and that doesn’t work. In fact, it can lead to disastrous results. I witnessed this firsthand with a corporate CEO who was resistant to change and unwilling to transition his company gracefully into new markets. As a result, the competition devoured their market share and their stock price plummeted. The company was acquired and the team disbanded.

It wasn’t until I completed my master’s degree in organizational development and experienced a new way of doing business that I realized change could happen without suffering. A company I worked for was being sold. Instead of the usual angst that comes along with a corporate merger, the leadership team brought in a transition consultant who took us through a set of team exercises which reduced our fear and anxiety greatly. That experience turned out to be a blessing. My career took off in a whole new direction.

In 1995, I started my own company, Motivity, Inc., to consult with seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs on strategies for growth and new product development. In guiding clients to ground big dreams into reality, my ideas about change came to life. Through a series of personal and professional challenges, as well as tried and true (and well-tested!) methods, I discovered my own motivity forward in business and in life.

What I live and what I’ve learned is what I bring to my clients. I help them transition in sequence to minimize negative outcomes, to find flow and balance, and take the suffering out. Nature provides the inspiration. I provide the structure, tools and nurturing.

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